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The WayFinder 911 Illuminated Address Sign is a product that was developed by the owner and president of Alutron Modules, Vern Cunningham of Aurora, Ontario, Canada. A successful manufacturer of electronic controls for the global market for over 18 years, Vern and his staff had a history of turning ideas into reality.

Co-incidentally, a retired Toronto, Ontario firefighter contacted the company during this time. The firefighter had developed a safety product and was looking for someone to manufacture it. He had many years of first hand experience witnessing how difficult it was for emergency response teams (EMS) to find a residence, especially at night or in bad weather.

Together they merged their two ideas and came up with the WayFinder 911 Illuminated Address Sign. Alutron further enhanced this safety sign by incorporating LED (light emitting diode) technology, along with attractive number digits in a weather-resistant frame. The product continued its evolution and a sensor was incorporated into the design so it would illuminate automatically in low light conditions and turn off in brighter ones. In addition, electronics were added so that when "911" was dialed from a home phone, the sign mounted on the exterior of the home would flash red and emit an audible beep in order to alert responding EMS teams to the location. Alutron's expertise in the electronics field gave them the idea to add sophisticated radio frequency components to the WayFinder 911 circuit board and this made it easy to install the sign without requiring expensive re-wiring of finished interior walls. This is what Alutron Modules refers to as their "Wireless Solution".

Other energy-efficient, safety and maintenance-free lighting products have followed like the WayFinder Standard Illuminated Address Sign and the WayFinder 24/7 Night Light. Please see the Products and Pricing pages for further details on the many features and benefits of the WayFinder family of products.

You are invited to visit the website often for updates on the many other products that are currently under development.

Quick Facts

  • 29 full time employees.

  • 24,000 square feet of office and plant space.

  • Plant and Head Office located in the industrial section of Aurora, Ontario, Canada
    on 3. 2 acres of land

  • Conveniently located within 10 minutes of major transportation arteries.

  • Family owned and operated, PermaGLO Lighting and its sister companies have been
    in business for over 17 years

  • Organizational structure includes Research & Development, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Production, Planning, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting and Marketing.

  • WayFinder products are patented and safety agency approved.

  • Company culture includes the hiring of employees with special needs.

  • Products are designed and built in Canada, with preference given to North American

Alutron Modules and its sister company, Power Excellence are Proud Members of:

  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce

  • Innovators Alliance

  • Canadian Professional Sales Association

  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business

  • CARP - Canada's Association for the Fifty-Plus

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