Safety Lighting Products


1.  What are the dimensions of the WayFinder Illuminated Address Signs?


2 digit frame

  • 9 ¾ " long
  • 8" high
  • 1 ¼" deep

3 digit frame

  • 13" long
  • 8" high
  • 1 ¼" deep

2.  How long does installation take?

Not very long at all. The WayFinder 24/7 Night Light takes about 10 - 15 minutes to install. The address sign takes about 30 - 45 minutes. Once the installation is complete however, they are maintenance free and very long lasting.

3.  Who uses WayFinder products?

Customers choose the WayFinder for many different reasons. Currently, we are receiving inquires and orders from the hotel industry, commercial building Managers, housing developers and builders, retirement and senior communities, families with children, people concerned with energy conservation, and consumers who are looking for quality and long lasting lighting products.

4.  What has been the response from the Emergency Response community regarding
      the Illuminated Address Signs?

Excellent! The overall feeling is that they love how the WayFinder makes their jobs easier so that they can respond to emergency calls quicker.

Demonstrations have been given to groups such as the Toronto and GTA Police Community Services Division , the Kawartha Lakes Fire and Police Department , the Orangeville Fire Chief and Police Department, representatives from the Aurora and area Fire Department , the New Tecumseth Deputy Mayor, Fire Chief and Town Planners and the Dufferin Region Safe Community association.

5. Why are WayFinder Night Lights safer to use than other night light products?

Instead of using a traditional incandescent bulb or florescent tube for the lighting source, the WayFinder uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Unlike the others, most of the energy from an LED is converted to light and not heat. This means that they are safe to touch and will not burn children's hands or harm family pets. The LED casing is very strong and will not easily break so the possibility of a cut from a broken diode is very unlikely.

6.  How long have WayFinder products been on the market?

They have been available since May 2003.

7.  Can you buy the WayFinder products in a store?

Not at the present time. We are looking at a number of retailers but currently you can only purchase the products via our toll-free phone number or if you wish, in person at our Aurora , Ontario head office, during regular business hours.

8.  I've just installed the WayFinder Illuminated Address Sign and the light does not
     come on. What should I check?

     Ask yourself these questions:

1. has the black cap over the clear lens on the right hand side been taken off?

2. have the wires from the sign been connected correctly to the adaptor?

3. has the adapter been properly and snuggly inserted into electrical outlet?

4. is there power going to the electrical receptacle where the adaptor has been
    plugged into?

5. are there any other light sources nearby the sign that would cause the
    automatic light sensor in the unit not to activate?

9. Can I upgrade from the Standard Illuminated Address Sign to the 911 Emergency
     Locator model?

No, the 911 Emergency Locator model has a high degree of technology and complexity, especially the components that send wireless (radio frequency) messages from your phone to the sign.


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